Patient Centered medical Home

Pelican Pediatrics Strives to be your Patient Centered Medical Home.

What is a patient centered medical home?

The medical home model is a way to improve health care by providing comprehensive care your family needs at the right time and place for your family.

The medical home encompasses five functions and attributes:

  1. Comprehensive Care
  2. We strive to provide your children with comprehensive care- sick and well care, nutrition, dental disorders and safety education. We refer not only to other specialists and medical facilities but also community organizations and other resources your child may need. 

  3. Patient/Family-Centered
  4. We will provide you with education through handouts at time of visit, or through links on your portal.  We will also help guide ways for you to self-manage your children’s illnesses together with your pediatrician. If you have questions about a specific topic, please do not hesitate to ask for more information or check the "Helpful Links" section.

  5. Coordinated Care
  6. Pelican Pediatrics will be responsible to coordinate your care across multiple settings, including referrals for medical and behavioral health.  We request that you provide a complete medical history and information about medical care obtained outside the practice (ER, Hospital, Urgent Care, Specialists, Vaccines) prior to your visit. Please speak to Ms. Hilda for instructions on transferring records to our office. New Patients: Please bring your prior shot records/medical records prior to first visit.

  7. Accessible Services
  8. We will not turn down anyone based on their inability to pay and will work with you to ensure your child gets care. If you need help obtaining insurance or Medicaid, please ask to speak to Vladimir, our certified agent. We speak multiple languages and provide information in your language.

  9. Quality and Safety
  10. Pelican Pediatric strives to provide evidence based care, based on latest recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics.